The work to maintain recovery does not end when a woman finishes a treatment program. Staying sober is a lifelong battle that requires dedication and a strong support system. Soledad House helps clients build a support system by providing them with addiction recovery resources upon their completion of one of our programs.

Why Are Addiction Recovery Resources Important?

A woman is glad she had access to Soledad House addiction recovery resourcesAnyone that has experienced an addiction knows that an addict must fight for recovery on a daily basis. Some addiction treatment centers simply release their clients back into their daily lives once they finish treatment, with no further support. However, this transition can be jarring for even the most well-prepared client.

Often, women develop addiction problems due to the stresses they experience. If they return to life’s pressures without any support or safety net, relapse is almost guaranteed. People are more likely to maintain their recovery if they have easy access to help when they need it. For this reason, Soledad House provides each client with addiction recovery resources before their discharge from our care.

What Kind of Addiction Recovery Resources are Available?

There are a variety of addiction recovery resources that can help women maintain their sobriety. What works may vary and depends on their needs and preferences. At Soledad House, a case manager provides a personalized aftercare plan for each client that can include any of the following options.

Therapy Referrals

When a woman completes one of our programs, we know that she is bound to face new challenges when she starts her new life of recovery. For this reason, Soledad House may connect her with a qualified therapist in her area. This new therapist can help her build upon the work done during treatment to support her sobriety.

Local Groups

Often, women don’t have many sober friends to spend time with once they return home from treatment. The case managers at Soledad House often recommend 12-step meetings or other sobriety groups that are local to the departing client. Attending these groups can help women connect with the sober community in their area and form bonds with others experiencing the same struggles. These bonds can help women through bumps in the road so that they don’t turn back to using.

Job Opportunities

A woman smiles due to the influence of Soledad House addiction recovery resourcesStruggles with addiction can affect every aspect of a woman’s life, including her ability to hold a job. Clients often need help finding work once they complete their treatment programs. This is why Soledad House addiction recovery resources include support for job hunting.

Alumni Events

While we want former clients to feel connected to their respective communities, we also know that it can be beneficial to stay connected to Soledad House itself. We offer a variety of alumni events, including a bonfire every Friday that is open to the alumni community. Former clients are also welcome to attend the same AA meetings and church services as current clients.

Soledad House Addiction Recovery Resources

The goal of providing clients with Soledad House addiction recovery resources is to help them succeed in their recovery. While clients learn plenty of coping skills and ways to manage cravings in our care, sometimes a little extra support is needed. There’s no shame in needing help at any point of the recovery journey, including after treatment is over.

For more information about the addiction recovery resources our alumni program provides, contact us at (866) 767-6964. Our caring staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.